NewNowNext: Meet Jamison Green, the Trans Health Care Pioneer You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

Becoming a Visible Man, Green’s game-changing book from 2004, will be updated and re-released in 2020.

By Kate Sosin — October 29, 2019 at

In 1989, newspapers splashed unexpected headlines about the death of beloved jazz musician Billy Tipton. “One False Note in a Musician’s Life; Billy Tipton Is Remembered With Love, Even by Those Who Were Deceived,” The New York Times’ obituary read.

Tipton tricked no one. The luminary 74-year-old was a transgender man in a time when transgender men simply weren’t out. His death sparked a nationwide conversation about gender identity. For trans people who were living stealth, quietly existing alongside their cisgender peers, the moment stung.

The loss particularly struck a young Jamison Green, who was just months into his own medical transition. Like others who came before him, Green assumed that after transition he would simply live as a man, silently blending into society. Tipton’s death, however, made him wonder. [ Continue reading at NewNowNext ]

Passport photos of Green before and after transition
Passport photos of Green before and after transition: left is age 32 (1980), right is age 41 (1989) after one year of testosterone.