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Trans advocate Jamison Green talks about increasing visibility

by Joshua Irvine – August 19, 2020

Jamison Green would really like to go hiking again.

Jamison Green
Jamison Green

He last went on a serious hike three years ago, before he and his wife left the Bay Area. He’s been an outdoorsman his whole life and he lives in an area just north of Portland that’s lush and green with forest.

But then he gets an email in his inbox, from a trans veteran who can’t get a specialized wheelchair, or about a retracted study the Heritage Foundation is using as a cudgel against gender-affirming surgery—and Green goes to work.

Green has been a transgender-rights advocate for decades. He was at the lead of San Francisco’s trans scene in the early 1990s as the publisher of the FTM Newsletter, and later became president of the World Professional Organization for Transgender Health ( WPATH ).

Later this year, Vanderbilt University Press will release an updated edition of Green’s 2004 memoir, Becoming a Visible Man … <Continue reading at Windy City Times>

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Becoming a Visible Man, Green’s game-changing book from 2004, will be updated and re-released in 2020.

By Kate Sosin — October 29, 2019 at

In 1989, newspapers splashed unexpected headlines about the death of beloved jazz musician Billy Tipton. “One False Note in a Musician’s Life; Billy Tipton Is Remembered With Love, Even by Those Who Were Deceived,” The New York Times’ obituary read.

Tipton tricked no one. The luminary 74-year-old was a transgender man in a time when transgender men simply weren’t out. His death sparked a nationwide conversation about gender identity. For trans people who were living stealth, quietly existing alongside their cisgender peers, the moment stung.

The loss particularly struck a young Jamison Green, who was just months into his own medical transition. Like others who came before him, Green assumed that after transition he would simply live as a man, silently blending into society. Tipton’s death, however, made him wonder. [ Continue reading at NewNowNext ]

Passport photos of Green before and after transition
Passport photos of Green before and after transition: left is age 32 (1980), right is age 41 (1989) after one year of testosterone.