Becoming a Visible Man, Second Edition

Available Now: An updated edition of a classic book from transgender-rights pioneer Jamison Green

Cover of Becoming a Visible Man, Second Edition

At least two generations of transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people have emerged since Becoming a Visible Man was first published in 2004, but the book remains a beloved resource for trans people and their allies.

Emphasizing the lives of trans men–who are often overlooked–Jamison Green elucidates the experience of masculinity in a way that is self-assured and inclusive of feminist values. Green’s inspirational wisdom has informed and empowered thousands of readers. There is still no other book like Becoming a Visible Man in the transgender cannon.

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No one writes more eloquently, honestly, or powerfully about transgender lives than Jamison Green, one of the intellectual heavyweights of the transgender movement. No one has done more to capture the complex experiences of transgender men, who continue to struggle for visibility even as transgender issues have loomed larger than ever in our national discourse. Green’s insightful treatise is a classic and, especially in this newly revised form, is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand gender and transgender issues.

~ Shannon Minter, co-editor of Transgender Rights

Since I first met Jamison Green in 1990, I’ve known him to embody integrity and kindness. Becoming a Visible Man has stood the test of time and continues to offer hope and inspiration to new generations. It’s a work of both historical importance and contemporary relevance.

Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw

The OG of trans masculine visibility, advocacy, and representation is back—with a brand-new, fully-updated edition of his essential, no-less-than-life-saving resource for trans men of all generations. Born out of a necessity to document the forging of community when there was scarcely a community to speak of, Becoming a Visible Man is an evergreen history book that should be required reading for anybody interested in the future of social justice (for all). It is an unflinching, beautifully-written, and eminently readable memoir, which generously centers not only Green’s trailblazing life, but also the stories of so many other invisible pioneers from our collective history, without whom many of us—including myself—would simply not be where we are today.

~ T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures and the
multiple-award-winning feature documentary Man Made